Monday, May 27, 2013

Indonesia's 2013 Current Account Deficit 2.4% of GDP versus 2014 1.6%-1.8% of GDP

- Newly elected Indonesia's central bank governor Agus Martowardojo said today at the hearing with the parliament that the country will experience current account deficit this year as high as 2.4% of its gross domestic products, slightly improve than that in 2012 with the deficit of 2.7% of the gdp.

- Next year, he revealed, the deficit will continue to happen though some improvement in the Southeast Asia's biggest economy in export and relieving import will limit the trade shortage, resulting in the deficit to be minus 1.6% to 1.8%.

-  Agus also said that the impact of government's policy to immediately adjust subsidized fuel price will be good for rupiah.

-  The average of local currency for this year, the governor added, will be between 9,500 to 9,700 a dollar, the same level as it is next year.

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